Learn And Share From A Global Communiti of Change Makers

Communiti is a peer-to-peer social platform for change-makers and grass-root organizers to come together, support and learn from each other. This allows people passionate about personal and social well-being to get resources and support each other, and in the process, become leaders of social change.

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As a Mobile App, Communiti Comes With Features To

Follow your Hive

Follow important issues that matter to you, and connect with other like-minded individuals in dedicated and authentic groups called Hives

Engage meaningfully

Post questions, seek advice and talk openly about organizing campaigns and fighting for causes with other thought-leaders and changemakers

Build a presence

Earn Communiti Karma, social badges, and thank you notes every time you help someone by contributing positively to discussions in your Hives, and be an example for others

Community Building Has Never Been This Important

Community engagement is central to creating social change. Promoting and working toward a society that celebrates equality and promotes freedom is foundational to building a well-functioning, progressive world.

Through Communiti, we want to reinvigorate human connections and promote social change by allowing people passionate about important social causes to come together, seek support and learn from each other, and in the process, become global thought-leaders.

The Heroes Among Us

There are people among us who work tirelessly to help others and make a difference within our communities. These heroes are among us all, right in our neighborhoods. Communiti wants to bring a few of them to your attention through a series of candid interviews with local non-profits and their members.