Here, you'll get to blend your passion for technology and business, and prepare yourself for a career in information systems, systems analysis and design, IT project management, and much more. The Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS) is an undergraduate coursework offering aimed at meeting emerging demands for a new generation of technology professionals ready to deal with the challenges of complex systems. For example, if you were to work in the hospitality industry, you might only make $49,611 annually, but you could make $72,096 in the telecommunication industry. In general, most companies are looking for someone who has a bachelor’s degree in information systems or something similar such as software development, computer programming, information technology, or computer science. If you welcome the challenge of keeping corporate computer systems and key data secure and operating at peak efficiency, earning an online bachelor’s in cybersecurity degree or an online bachelor’s degree in management information systems could be a key step toward a career in these high-growth fields. The curriculum helps learners develop strong programming, analytical, and communication skills. A bachelor's degree in management information systems provides an introduction to network security, systems management, analytics, and project management. Another high-paying opportunity, software developers can make upward of $105,590 on average per year per the BLS. Therefore, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management information systems can be an ideal way to obtain the level of technical expertise necessary to begin designing, building, and managing such systems professionally. My degree was actually called a BS in "Computer programming and information systems". But good point regarding the coding skills, you can just learn some of that on your own if … Our mission is to educate capable professionals who can effectively develop, manage, and enhance business information systems for better operations and decision making. we had our fair share of programming courses. If you're both a people person and a techie, you'd be perfect for information systems. MIS is not the same as IS. Computer and information systems managers, also known as IT managers or IT project managers, are responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing an organization’s computer systems and networks. An MBA in information systems helps students grasp the technical side of business administration. Corporations are constantly seeking talents who are business minded and technically savvy. Computer and information systems manager. A BS in Management Information Systems is designed to be completed in four years, including time … It really depends on the degree. Potential IT Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree Computer and Information Systems Manager. Information Systems is to analyze, design, develop, and … Coursework focuses on working with computers, networks and IT systems. Information Systems is the field that connects business and technology. As a computer information systems major, you might be surprised with how much your salary might vary depending on the industry you choose to work in. If your goal is to have a more managerial-type position, that’s also something a BS in Information Systems degree can prepare you for, as it may qualify you for jobs such as an information systems manager. The Department of Information Systems’ online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree program prepares students to pursue or advance a variety of careers in the field. A typical bachelor's degree requires 120 credit hours to complete.